Police continue to make arrests at Ferguson protest.

Part 4.

UNCHECKED! No state or federal intervention at all!

You telling me NOBODY in this country has the authority to put an end to this?

Nobody has the power to dismantle this oppressive police force who has consistently violated the civil rights of these Black people publicly for an entire month?

Fuck everything!

Dat bold. 

Like, why the fuck is this STILL going on? 

WHY has everybody harboring Darren Wilson not also been brought up on fucking charges? 

As most lovers of the Art would agree, Theatre and film are sort of the veins that pump creative juices into several historic projects that have catapulted a shift in the music culture dramatically (pun intended). Whether you pull out GKMC, or just sit down and watch frank Oceans Channel Orange. When it comes to the Meshing of Storyline and Good Music people are often easily drawn to listen to the storytellers story, because it’s usually pretty darn relatable. This concept was not only understood by Dallas Texas soul singer Jeísoul, but executed precisely.

With Dope spike lee clips, and the use of other prominent films in the raging 90s such as Love/jones. Mr. Soul tells a completely honest and vulnerable story set in Brooklyn New York, of a young man who like most “young lovers” fall for the wrong person, and ultimately get heartbroken. Jeísoul smoothly gets his message across with several killer tracks such as “Aaliyah taught me” or my personal favorite “Monotony S.D.L”.

With his first debut Ep, the young singer gives us a dosage of that soulful and fresh individual style. Beginning with the intro which perfectly samples the O’jays (produced by SCM’s SuperMiles) To set up the beautiful picture, to the Outré with just a live mic, acoustic guitar, and Dope Lyrics by (SCM’s Kris Minor) which leaves the listener Euphorically groovy and chill. Jeísoul’s SummerLove&HeartBreaks EP can easily be a summer classic to Millions of Neo-Soul listeners, or just your simple lover of good music.

be sure to click that download button; and grab some popcorn, because this up and coming smooth voice puts on a riveting show you will text your friends About.
released 09 September 2014 

Executive Produced by: Dalton Smith and Miles Franklin

Recorded by: Dalton Smith at Self Consicous Studios

Mixed by: Evan at Synergy Sound Studios

Songs 1-3,5-7,12 are produced by Super Miles

4 produced by Iman Omari

9,10 are performed by Brad Rudolph

11 produced by Kris Minor